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tv   Viewpoint  Current  February 4, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> ben, you know you see a lot of movies. you speak about them eloquently. rarely are you moved. >> this is profoundly effecting me. there are so many documentary. >> now i can't root for "searching for sugarman." great work on the movies. john fugelsang and "viewpoint" next. >> john: today democrats and republicans awoke to a world where sylvester stallone is to the left of harry reid on assault weapons. and many believe that the protection means protect protecting consumers were bankers. and millions of viewers tuned in to watch beyonce sing at the
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super bowl. this is the birthday of rosa parks, george romero, dan quayle, and george washington was elected president by the electoral college. it was unanimous which meant that george was never forced to produce a photo of him skeet shooting. this is "viewpoint." [ ♪ music ♪ ] good >> john: good evening i'm john fugelsang coming up, senate republicans show their love for the finance industry by working to weaken consumer financial reform. but first, president obama took his push for new gun control laws on the road in the latest
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of a series of campaign-stale events the president spoke in front of police officers and sheriff's deputies in minneapolis. and he urged americans to write to congress to back what he described at four common-sense measures to help stop gun violence. >> obama: they don't really have winter in washington, d.c. anyone trying to buy a gun. senators from both parties have come together and proposed a bill that would crack done on people who buy guns and then turn around and sell them to criminals. we should not stop there. we should restore the ban on military-style assault weapons and 10-round limit for magazines. >> deserving or not senate majority leader harry reid who enjoys a "b" rating from the nra seems to have decideed already
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which of the president's proposals have the best chance to become law. reid indicated on the abcs "this week" that at least two of those proposals had a chance. >> i think we need to take a look at the federal trafficking i think that everyone acknowledges that we should do something about background checks. >> john: but sought weapons? >> i'll take a look at it. >> john: someone is working on their "a" rating from the nra. and the majority leader seemed less interested in a ten-round limit for ammunition clips. >> i think that's something that we definitely have to take a look at. >> take a look or vote for? >> well, let's see what it is. let's see what it is. >> john: in case someone in the senate doesn't know what it is. what it is or seems to be the democratic senate leader running for cover when pressed to do something about guns. on two other big issues reid seems employeer confident that an immigration bill would pass,
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and the majority leader also told abc that he believed a deal would be made to stop the budget sequester, a deal that included more revenue and fewer program cuts than the republicans would like. >> the american people are on our side. the american people don't believe in these austere. things. >> john: reduce the debt and stop the sequester at the same time. those deals will be out tomorrow, but for now the plan, the balancing want is intended to equalize budget cuts and revenue. close loops holes for the wealthiest individuals and corporations create more than 1 million jobs, and invest in infrastructure and jobs for a quart million teachers and put together $800 in working families wallets. for more on the balancing act and the president's push on gun control and immigration laws we're joined by keith ellison
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democrat from minnesota. thank you for joining us. >> great to be here. thanks for having me. >> john: how is this balancing act supposed to work? how much support do you think it will have in the house at this point? >> well, it should get a lot of support. we're working to get more coauthors every day. we already had 7 trillion-dollar in cuts, cuts to programs that people need every day. programs that serve americans all the time. what we need to do is get more revenue. we got a little bit at the first of the year but we need more in order to balance equal cuts to service programs to revenue. now we propose to get to balance by cutting loopholes for the fossil fuel industry, oil gas coal cutting out companies that have high school holes for having their corporate jets. things like that. if you add it up, we can get to
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an one to one ratio to cuts, and new revenue. then we have defense cuts to 3 billion in jobs. jobs is the thing that will really reduce the deficit. more taxpayers is going to result in the lower deficit than already this year. if we look at the last year we've seen the deficit go down because you've seen a little bit of success in the job market. not enough, but you have seen us reducing that deficit. that's really what the balancing act is all about. i would think that any fair-minded member of congress would want to see us balance and not just ask to solve the deficit crisis by forcing it all on the shoulders of people who defend upon important government programs. >> john: it seems inspiring that you're trying to sneak sanity into the budget debate. i commend you for it.
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you were there when the president laid out his gun control proposals. >> yes. >> are these campaign-style events the best way for him to drum up support for this issue? >> yes, and the reason why i think so, the american public supports common-sense gun-violence prevention. we support universal background checks closing the gun show loopholes. we support banning high-capacity clips and the american public understands this very clearly. even gun owners and nra neighbors. you have the gun lobbyists who say they represent gun owners but they really represent gun manufacturers and they get over by selling as up begun as they can. >> john: and selling as much fear as they can. >> that's one of their marketing tools. bottom line with the president jumping over the washington lobbyists and going straight to the american people, the american people will call
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members of congress and put pressure on congress and move forward. i think the president's strategy isist. >> john: do you think parts of the plan could pass the house like extended back grown checks for gun shows but not personal sales. >> it wouldn't be enough for us to move on, but it would be enough to say that we've made progress. we do believe in making progress. we understand that all the progress that you're going to get may not come all in one big hit. bottom line is we're moving forward, and we're going to take the wins that we can. but until we significantly reduce and discourage gun violence we're not going to quit. we believe that americans have the right to live. americans have the right not to get shot. americans have the right not to be slaughtered in high events like sandy hook aurora. there was a young fella named
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sammy, whose father was shot down in a shooting that involved five people, and that kid 17 years old spoke up eloquently. i'm not going to let him down >> john: you're a real progressive, and president obama did take a lot of criticism from the progressive-based throughout his first term. >> yes. >> do you thinking thinking think progressives view him differently, or are they going to give him a hard time on drones and the drug war? >> i think president obama is a fellow progressive but we also know that it is the grassroots calling for justice calling for fairness calling for sanity that wins the day. if we just say look here, mr. president, go handle it, we
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probably won't get the outcomes we want because the president is being tugged on from all different directions and by from different interests. we need to be in there pulling the president to do the right thing the same way martin luther king jr. called on president johnson to support civil rights. we in the grassroots have to call on the president to do the right thing, marriage equality, income fairness, and a whole range of other things. >> john: congressman keith ellison, democrat from minnesota and co-chair of the progressive caucus, thank you for joining us and i hope to see you in new york sometime. >> it should be soon. >> john: harry reid pushes back i'm joined by political reporter joe williams and sam seder author of "ring of fire." joe, let me start with you since i already sucked up to sam.
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did president obama signal which way the gun debate is going in that speech? he did say that a vast majority of americans support background checks and the assault weapons ban, the ten-round ammo clip, that deserved a vote in congress. it seemed he indicated which way this is going, do you agree? >> he outlaid four basic principles, but out of all four of them the only one that he and harry reid had talked about and interviewed was the background check. that is likely to get through both houses of congress. it probably have a much tougher time in the house because you have a vast number of congress members who have "a" raters, not just "b" ratings but "a" ratings. i don't think it's going anywhere. you heard harry reid, the leader of the senate where the democrats have the majority,
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even he is cool to that one. i think the background check is the most realistic option, and as the president said today you got to start somewhere. even if that saves one life, that's one more they can claim credit to than even a year ago. >> so assault weapons harry reid is to the right of 1984 congress and stallone and reagan. if he losses on the assault weapons ban but is seen as having fought for it but then it goes away, the next time there is a massacre he can point to the g.o.p. and say you own it. >> well, if it was just the g.o.p. that was obstructing it, but the bottom line is that harry reid is indicating--this is the way they do it. there is a problem with other people's votes not necessarily what harry reid wants. but harry reid, he has a "b" from the nra. he would love an "a" from the nra. he's pursued their endorsement
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in the past. this is a guy who i think is going to stop the assault weapons ban in the senate. i mean, let me put it this way he's not going to push for it. it's going to be much harder for the president to stake out a position and blame the republicans for being obstructionist on that because i think it will be clear that it won't get through the senate. with that said i don't know that the background checks will get through the house either. >> you don't think? >> i'm never surprised by how far to the right the republican members of the house are. >> the right to the majority of nra players. joe, does the nra win by losing, too? if gun show background checks and straw man purchaser die if the nra who is the only group that benefits along with gun sellers since newtown would they benefit by, quote raise reasonable gun control measures rather than holding the line of the status quo? >> i think the nra win no matter
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what. they won despite the massacre of 20 children. they win despite aurora and columbine. they're such a powerful lobby and they're able to create an us versus them narrative no matter what the circumstances are. you saw wayne lapierre this weekend talking on fox news, and chris wallace was the only person who i've seen really go at wayne lapierre and talk to him person to person about what the flaws in his argument are. short of that you very rarely hear them get put on the defensive in a way that makes other people cringe and perhaps their own membership think they've done this for a long time. they're going to continue to do it for a long time. they're willing to fight to the last left person. they're going to keep on doing what they do, and they've got very powerful enablers. we mentioned harry reid, he has
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powerful enablers on capitol hill to keep doing what they're doing. >> sam, we have less than a minute left, and you're going to stick around, but what did you think of keith ellison's view of the progressives. >> i think it's a problem. president obama is a centrist democrat whose policies are consistent with that. i think it's important for progressives and liberals to continue to agitate for issues that are important to them as opposed to being a cheerleader for president obama. i don't think it does any progressive any favor to cheer for president obama. he's no progressive or liberal as far as i can tell. >> joe, do you agree? >> i agree to an accident. he outlines the social liberal policies. he has to have people like ellison pushing him.
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he has to have the progressive caucus in there fighting and it's an uphill battle when you have republicans in the house doing crazy stuff in the name of tea party justice if you call it that. >> political reporter joe williams and sam seder author of "ring of fire." you'll be back later in the program. who can be the strongest in the bureau. it's the republicans. that's coming up.
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the thick of the day. tonight's thing is the correction of the day. i have a very embarrassing correction to make. we played a clip of fox news legal analyst peter johnson. >> i said thank you peter johnson not just for having a name that is doubly fhallic. his full name is peter johnson junior. it's tripcally phallic and not double. and i hope if they make a peter of your life, you're played by peter o'toole. one of the promising financial reforms to come out of the 2010 dodd franked a was the creation of the financial protection bureau. it was such a good idea that many republicans simply had to
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do something to stop it. well on friday, 43 g.o.p. senators sent a letter to president obama vowing to block any nominee to be director of the cfpb including current nominee richard cordray until the bureau is significantly reformed. or to put it another way until the bureau is significantly weakened. the according to senate minority leader mitch mcconnell that a bureau quote has unprecedented reach and control over individuals consumer decisions. but an unprecedented lack of oversight and accountability. joining me now is michael mislansk. author of "the language of trust." thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. >> john: glad to have you. explain to hey how anyone could
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be against the independent bureau designed to prevent fraud and abuse. >> there is plenty of regulation already. it didn't work. that doesn't mean that you add another agency to try to make it work. you have different perspectives here. democrats say let's put more regulation and more rules whether or not they're going to work. republicans are saying this isn't necessarily the right regulation to help solve the problems that cause the financial crisis. >> john: i guess i could understand that. many view dodd frank by saying it doesn't drive the sharks away. but since the regulations in place didn't work, creating another level of bureaucracy exclusively to be on the side of the consumer seemed like a good idea. do the republicans in the senate at least care how it looks that they're opposed to this? >> first of all there are a lot of agencies out there that are supposed to be exclusively on the side of the voter or
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consumer. that's what regulatory agencies are created for. this is not new except for the way it was framed and named. it's certainly not unique in that respect. i think the idea of republicans coming out and opposing the bureau and the nomination of cordray at this point is not good strategy but again it's not exclusively--it's not the only agency that is pro consumer. >> john: i agree with you there, but it does seem to play into the hand of thester row type of the democrats. don't that's moves make the bureau like this vulnerable to less committed appointees and the threat of being starved for money? >> i think they make it like every other agency in the federal government. you can say that every agency in the way we regulate in general is broken, which i think many
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republicans would entertain is a worthwhile debate to have, or you can ask why this shoe be anti-different from any agencies out there that's supposed to protect consumers and voters. >> cenk: they're supposed to protect them but this has failed. karl rove started a new super pac called conservative victory fund. is there an ongoing battle for the heart of the g.o.p.? >> there is a huge battle right now. it's unclear how it's going to play out. you've got two sides of the republican party neither of which have taken away very different lessons from 2012. the far right thinks it was the moderate and the republican party who caused the republicans to lose the presidential election. and then you've got the moderates now more of the
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centrists represented by karl rove who think it was the extreme right to caused the party to lose. when you have two sides that don't take away the same lesson from an event, it's hard to reconcile and decide who is going to win in the end. >> john: and the right and moderates see eye to eye. but between mccain and romney, they have not been popular with republican independent voters either. is there a third option for the g.o.p.? >> there are different ways to characterize romney and mccain. one is to characterize them as moderate. the other is to characterize them as not terribly strong candidates. what the party needs is a leader who can create a philosophy in today's world. what will win in a lot of districts will not win nationwide. it's much like the democrats with kerry and gore. a party in search of a candidate to lead in a presidential
5:26 pm
election. >> john: or a party in search of aa a candidate with charisma who can win. thank you for joining us tonight. we hope to see you again. >> absolutely. >> john: for more on this i'm joined by joe williams and sam seder. so you heard mr. maslansky. how can they protect the banks after all we know. >> it's easy. hey protect patience with bank fund. it's not just protecting consumers from large abuse of banks. we're talking about fraudulent home loans and a bureau set up to protect them from payday lending, and predatory lending much all kinds. it's not so much that this is an agency just like all the others. it's just that this agency has a
5:27 pm
very specific task to take care of and protect consumers against a very specific type of predatory entity. and that entity makes a lot of money and the money that those entities make go into campaign funds, interest, lobbyist, you have it wrapped up in a micro comism right here and that's what they're afraid of. >> john: when they say bring back glass-steagall, we much need it. are you shocked that republicans are so willing to be cast as the puppets of the banks that stole from us? >> no. >> john: innocent doe care how it looks? >> i think to a certain extent they don't and they're not being held accountable enough. it's not that there should be a consumer protection bureau,
5:28 pm
they're holding the government hostage and refusing to abide by the laws that they have passed in the past. the president needs to go out there, there is a lot of am ammunition to go out there and say, do you understand your credit card contract? do you understand your mortgage contract? 99% of the people who have those financial instruments can't. that's the point of this. it's not just also to protect those consumers but we obviously see if you start with the problem of a series of fraudulent mortgage loans then this becomes a cancer that filters through the entire economic system. this is important to the economy well. >> john: joe, isn't sam right? isn't this the time when the president needs to use the bully pulpit and call these guys out in public and say these are the schill baby schill that ripped
5:29 pm
you off. >> to borrow a phrase, one crisis at a time. you currently have the president using the bully pulpit to get something done on gun legislation. priority one that's where he is right now. when this consumer protection bureaucracy comes down the brock, i block, i think you'll see a campaign people who have been able to remaining their mortgages. thethe conthe consumer protection bureau has been very popular. there have been events in districts mob scenes, people waiting around the block overthrow room, this is a very popular entity. i think you'll see the president get up and take advantage of that popularity when this crisis needs to be dealt with. >> sam, karl rove, the best part of election night was knowing
5:30 pm
that the koch brothers woke up the next morning and realized that karl rove redistributed their wealth. there will be a wider appeal in the extreme candidate even though they don't all think that rape victims should be entitled to an abortion. do you think rove should win with this using the same ideology with a different hat? >> it depends on if your definition of win is "make more money." you said it yourself. he woke up that morning with a lot of explaining to do. the his explanation was that we have to push back against the todd aiken and grover norquist. you do this by you giving me money and i buy up a lot of air time etc. i can understand the impetus but karl rove, basically he's a snake oil salesman and this was the eastest easiest thing for him to sell.
5:31 pm
the party is in big trouble. what appeals to the constituents in these districts does not appeal to a broad swath of americans. karl rove is finding the angle in which to make a lot of money and i suspect he will win in that regard. >> john: he takes their money and bernie madeff sands in awe. sam seder and joe williams, thank you for joining me. >> take care. >> john: we'll talk about another consumer product the super bowl.
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>> john: ever since bobby jindal boy governor said to the republicans don't be the stupid party, devoting them to keeping it stupid. in that brief amount of time congressman lou barletta just yesterday on abc this week, he said that banning guns to prevent gun violence is like banning spoons to stop obesity because we all have had foodies
5:35 pm
tell us that obama is going to take your silverware, and the only way to stop a fat person with a spoon is a skinny person with a spoon. no one said that. he's dumb. john mccain said so ahmadinejad wants to be the first iranian in space. wasn't he just there last week? and that led republican adjust justin amash denounce the tweet mccain said it was a joke. senator, having other republicans defending the president of iran against you is like having lindsay lohan telling you you're partying too much.
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>> john: we had reaction to the super bowl. joan dungan noticed the power out and said lee hours later
5:39 pm
taylor swift sings a song how she came out stronger than it. barley probably has healthier body issues than the nfl but do you have the same con cushion ken? if you have a comment, use the # #"viewpoint." more than 108 million people watched the super bowl, and that is more than people watch this show in a week. the game looked to be a blow-out when the power in the stadium did just that. this caused cbs to scramble, the rest of us to scratch our heads and the san francisco 49ers to regroup and get back in the game when the power was restored 34 minutes later. had the 49ers come back to win it would have been one of the most controversial moments in
5:40 pm
super bowl history. right up there when america saw a pop star's boob. instead the baltimore ravens held on for the victory and anyone who watched knows. with me is lee papa the rude pundit and judy gold. and dean obeidallah. >> i was into it, you know why, the player who is for marriage equality. that i had to focus on that. >> i didn't watch the player who was a homophobe on friday. it balanced each other out. >> all the players thought it was all coming through. >> here's the thing, you know, every talks about these commercials. now the oscars where we celebrate achievement in cinema where we talk about designer clothes, and super bowl with
5:41 pm
catchy tv commercials. my favorite was the one where they had that salute to soldiers fighting for oil overseas by a jeep vehicle that gets 13 miles to the gallon this year. >> wasn't it quite flat to be honest. the biggest thing was the full outrage for the audi commercials. for me it was the full outrage. there was not a memorable commercial. >> the horse with the clydesdale where they went chasing each other all across america. >> man gets horse man loses horse, man gets horseback. >> go daddy. all the commercials are really hot women and disgusting-willing men. this is fantasy football. that's exactly what it is. >> it's sitcoms. ralph cramden started this.
5:42 pm
it's the commercial to sell stuff, and this generates billions of dollars for our economy. are we silly people? >> hello? i think shallow. hello. >> let's talk about the one moment of depth. we all know that beyonce was the real winner of the super bowl. >> she was amazing. >> just in the second half. i wanted her to come out and keep singing. i wanted a wardrobe malfunction. >> easily the best since prince back in 2007. >> didn't even need to have the guitar. >> she didn't. she may have lip-synced at the inauguration they was not lip-syncing for the most part. i'm not sure about the choruses but this was everything that madonna pretended she was and she did better than mccartney tom petty. >> and it was an an all-woman band. >> where are the men? i'm outraged. i'm going to put something in
5:43 pm
twitter all caps. >> tom petty and beyonce. >> cameras involved, i'll take beyonce. >> and the men lost last night. and speaking of loser men donald trump announced that he's going to sue bill maher because maher said he should produce a birth certificate to prove that he's not the son of an orangutan orangutan. that's what we call in the comedy world as a joke. >> it's unreal to me that he's takeing a joke as a valid offer to enter into a contract. the joke was told on "the tonight show." and i'll give you the $5 million, douche bagry. how could he take this serious and get a lawyer. i used to be a lawyer. to get a lawyer to file a lawsuit, this is ridiculous. >> this guy will do anything for publicity. and he was going to run for
5:44 pm
president? the fact that he enconsidered being the leader of our country and he is the most immature human being. >> didn't you want donald trump to run for president? we could have had something beautiful. >> i know but i just can't. it's so ridiculous. >> if donald trump lived during slavery, he would be the lunar character in "django unchained" unchainedded"."django unchained"." >> i give him points for not getting in a fight with a girl. he's upgraded by fighting with bill maher. >> he cannot take a joke. >> he can't. >> he takes himself so seriously. >> it's one thing to be a fame whore. it's another thing to be a fame whore when you know you're going to look bad. >> it's the kind of fame whore
5:45 pm
that makes real prostitutes to say calm down, dude.
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>> john: researchers have finally found the remains of of one of the most maligned monarchs in history. it turns out george w. bush has been in crawford, texas this whole time. also, british scientists have identified the bones of king richard iii. the remains finally turned up under a parking lot in lester. they knew he was there were. richard iv, is shakespeare greatest villain. let's throw this to our pallen.
5:49 pm
was richard iii just rank propaganda. we know he didn't kill those two twins. >> shakespeare was doing the first negative campaign ad. >> do you know what shakespeare wrote about joan of arc? he made her shrewd. >> you're calling shakespeare a hawk? hack? >> i'm calling him a propagandist. >> he probably did kill his nephews to take power. so i don't know if there is some revision of history that you're aware of. >> it's a play. you have toed a drama. it's called the drama. >> the one thing that the play was right about was that he died in the battlefield. he was the last english king killed in battle. if these politicians are going to send young men to war shouldn't they be on the front lines, too?
5:50 pm
>> absolutely. obama has that little begun. he could use that thing, the skeeter shooter. >> that's one of my favorite sports. >> it's a physical challenge. hillary clinton wins, i have no doubt. >> john: well, you know what i think the wars would be shorter if george bush was on the front lines of fallujah. >> i want to see dick cheney carry that pack for a long distance. >> john: all these republicans who voted for vietnam but avoided going, there is a special room waiting for them. do you have a favorite. >> nut nut. >> i think ma mahatma ghandi was history's greatestvillen. >> aregreatest villain. >> are you joking? >> yes i think the most misunderstood was hitler.
5:51 pm
>> john: speaking of documented monarchs, rick santorum rick perry has stumbled back in the news. he said the boy scouts should not soften their policy, but he likes them hard and preferably thick. the governor said three things made this country great. scouting no gays, and he forgets the third one. is there anything that rick perry could do not to make himself look like a buffoon? >> he's just ridiculous. the fact that he equates it to popular culture. if anyone is cool, that's it. i'm poll culture popular culture. >> john: you're a jewish gay person. >> do gays run pop culture. >> oh, yes. >> considering the ""brokeback mountain" ad that he did i
5:52 pm
think he should back away slowly. >> john: let's not forget he's still against letting gay troops serve openly because having to fight beside a gay soldier made compromise christians values while he's killing people. are the scouts going to be able to make this adjustment gracefully? or will it be like segregation. >> until the 1940s they had segregated troops. it will take time. it will take time for people to accept it. >> it's ridiculous. >> you think there are not gay scouts and guy scouts leaders? and there is a history as you know, of abuse of these kids. that is constantly over looked. >> i got to say by heterosexual identified males. the pope tried to blame it on gay priests but he has backed away from that. traditionally overwhelmingly
5:53 pm
heterosexual identified males. >> treat it like bringing a new species in. introduce one gay scout per troop, and then slowly you can build them into the scouts. >> john: are you serious? that makes a lot of sense. once you know a gay person. >> they all know a gay person. they just don't admit. >> john: they don't know that they know a gay person. >> that's right. >> john: my panel will look at jesus' ban on contraceptives. spoiler alert. he never had one. that's coming up next.
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>> john: welcome back. quick question for my panel, and i got to say. i got to say here at current we get the best panels in all of broadcasting. only here will you see a panel that features a muslim, an atheist, and a jewish gay person who loves hitler. >> don't repeat hitler. >> the question is, our republican friend do not seem like they're done attacking the affordable care act.
5:57 pm
what do you think they'll do next to keep from saving americans lives. >> i think they're going to ban funding for studying anything that has to do with guns, old people or gays, that way we will never understand how any of them work or what affect they have on us. >> john: that made no sense. and karl rove would like to speak with you. >> i think they are now going to put into law a final age. so once you reach 80 you get killed. that's it. >> john: you're in a walker trying to escape. >> oh, my god really, they will judge and you're 80. i know you're vibrant. >> john: if you kill them after 80, fox news loses three-quarters of their audience. >> i know. >> john: that's tragic. >> i'm happy that they're attacking healthcare. that means they're not attacking muslims. keep attacking healthcare. >> john: that brings us our to
5:58 pm
tonight's f-bomb. do you remember back in 2012 when affordable care act mandated that employer would have to cover birth control. and that when sandra fluke testified before congress about thou contraception was a legitimate health issue for women and rush limbaugh called her a. some collect officials flipped out by saying that forcing some institutions to offer contraception to women was a violation of their beliefs. many are so offended that obama disrespected the teachings of the pope they forgot that they disobeyed the pope on the iraq war, the death penalty and nations providing healthcare to poof people who can't afford it. never mind that obama won the catholic vote or that last may's gallup poll reported 82% of catholics have no moral problem with birth control.
5:59 pm
rush limbaugh came in against contraception and they pulled out. however, they gave birth control one year delay. they employed joe biden as an interimmediatary and this friday kathleen is he babious was most contrite and apologetic when announcing their new plan for women who work for religious-affiliated institutions to get free birth control without requiring their employers to pay for it. by using third party insurers. where in the bible does it say that birth control is wrong. you're probabling saying hey the bible says be fruitful and multiply. which it does. but if the pope against birth control, why does the pope get to be a celibate. kind of do as i say not as i don't do. also when


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